The RPG is back in Mass Effect 3

            Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 were both brilliant games. Each had its share of faults, with the original having slightly more, but overall they were some of the best RPG’s to be released this generation.

            But Mass Effect 2 went a bit overboard with its streamlined mechanics. Yes the combat was better, exploring was more enjoyable, and everything was easy to understand and easily accessible. However, in this process, they forgot to keep some of the elements that made the original great; weapon mods were gone, choosing weapons was oversimplified, classes, although more unique and still better than the original, were too basic. Simply put, Mass Effect 2 took out too many RPG elements for the sake of a more enjoyable game. It worked, but it went too far.

            So the news that Mass Effect 3 would see a return of RPG elements is perhaps the greatest piece of news Mass Effect fans have been waiting for. Mass Effect 3 appears to be bringing the best of both games and moulding it together to create a sort-of Super Mass Effect. Although no gameplay videos have been released and we still know very little, it should come as a sigh of relief to anyone who was worried that Bioware would not listen to player feedback for the second time around. Especially after how poorly fan-reaction has been to Dragon Age 2.


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