What Is GameTacular About?

Gametacular is a place where you’ll find unique, interesting, objective and enjoyable articles about video games. Expect to see game reviews, top lists, and opinion pieces. Reviews will consist of games from all platforms, and the focus will be on newer games. However, don’t be surprised to see a few reviews of older games. Top lists are always fun, and there will be some standard ones, and other wacky lists you might never have though of. Opinion pieces will be my take on current events in the gaming industry.

For reviews, a score of 1 to 10 will be assigned to each title. Here is what each score generally means:

10 – As close to perfect as anything will ever be. Very few and insignificant faults at the worst.

9 – A game that does everything right with few faults or errors.

8 – A great game that must not be missed by fans of the genre. Others should also consider picking it up, but it isn’t a must buy for people who aren’t fans of the genre or series.

7 – A good game. It has a few faults or errors the harm the experience, but it’s still very enjoyable.

6 – A decent game. It has many faults, but its good elements outweigh the bad. Fans of the genre should consider picking it up, but anyone else should stay away.

5 – Average. It has a nice balance of good and bad elements. Games with this score are games that are played in between greater titles.

4 – A subpar game. It has more faults then it should, and it will not please many people

3 – Bad.  There are hints of a good game, but they are hard to find. Avoid unless you’re a diehard fan of the series.

2 – Awful. They have no redeeming qualities, and should be avoided by all.

1 – As close to a turd as anything will ever be. It hurts to play such titles.


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